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Retail Spaces
Why not try Historic, Downtown Bloomington, Illinois for a rewarding, aesthetic and impressive work environment?

Beautiful, light filled offices and attractive shop spaces abound for bargain prices, and Fred Wollrab Property Development offers some of the finest examples available.  Take a look!

Restaurants & Food Service
Premium space that's food service ready is available now!  Call 309-454-4888 to inquire.
Location, location, etc.
In a growing city of over 100,000 people, like Bloomington - Normal, IL, commercial space is limited.  But it's really worth checking downtown.
McLean County is loaded with historic and architectural treasures, and Fred has a knack for finding them.  In many cases, he saves them outright, but always preserves their historic integrity.
Price per Square Foot
Even if you take away the charming details, the community, the amenities and the foot traffic, there's another great advantage with basing your business here- It's Cheap!

From Redbird Property Management.
See 116 W. Washington St.
See 511 N. Main St. Bloomington, Il